Gender roles in Afghanistan

Men's Roles:
  • Men look after the sheep and goats
  • Work in the fields, plow, harvest
  • Men don't stay home during the day
  • Men must be brave, leaders, protecters, and are in charge of disipline
  • They support their parents when they get older
  • Males are highly involved in family economic welfare, politics and relationships with outsiders

Women's Roles:
  • Women and children are viewed as property and belong to a male
  • Male afghans often view woman as disruptive to the social order
  • During war women take the role of the men
  • Women must be covered by a veil and with a male relative at all times when they leave the house
  • Woman don't have a say in making decisions
  • Must obey men
  • Women are still struggling to be able to work and get paid equally as the men
  • Considered untrustworthy
  • Women only work in fields when production is slow, and they are responsible for production of milk products
  • Women symbolize honor of family, community and nation and must be controlled as well as protected so they can maintain moral purity

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